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Extensions Clip-On Weft Hair Clip Ins

25 Feb 2013

Extensions Clip-On Weft Hair Clip Ins

Clip in Clip On Hair extensions

Clip-on hair extensionsA lot of people like adding new things to their hair and the clip in hair extensions are just the things that make a lot of people really happy. There are a lot of different clip in hair extension, so you just have to pick the ones that suit you best – the ones that go with the colour of your eyes, your clothes and, of course, your hair colour! The prices had become much lower than last year and they continue getting lower at an outstanding rate!

Diva Divine Indian Clip N GO hair extensions

is a quick and easy way for you to achieve volume, colour, highlights and length to your own natural hair. It is great for people who want to simply try hair extensions or use them semi permanently. It can also be used to hide bald spots as a result of Alopecia or thinning of hair. It is used by celebrities throughout the world

The hair is machine tied at the upper ends and comes on a double track. There are clips attached to the track to facilitate installation. It is reinforced i.e. overlaid 4 times, which will prevent the hair from shedding and ensure longevity as the Clip N GO sets/pieces are very strong and durable. A set weighs +-100 – 150 grams and is available in multiple styles and lengths. They are available in 24 different colours. A set comprises (10 pieces) Double Track – 4×1 clip (5cm) 2×2 Clip (10cm) 4×3 Clip (15cm). Individual clips are also available. The Brazilian Clip & Go sets are only available in straight / Wavy and Natural colour (Soft black with a hint of brown)

Installation Method: Diva Divine Clip N GO – the “do it yourself” hair extensions. Your simply open up the clips, lift up your own natural hair and place them where required.

Quality: It is pure Indian virgin hair. It originates from the temples (one person) and has never been mixed, chemically processed or altered. It is 100% Remy, which means it does not tangle, cuticles are aligned in the same direction, hair has all cuticles intact and there is no silicone coating. Hair possesses longevity and is easy to maintain.

Maintenace: You can wash, blow dry, and straighten daily. Hair remains bouncy and vibrant.

Longevity and Reusability: The hair extensions will last 3+ years depending on your lifestyle and how you look after it. It needs to be taken out each night before you sleep.


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