New Halo hair extensions

Why choose Halo hair extensions?
Hair extensions are having a moment of innovation. Halo extensions — which are basically loops of clear fishing line with hair attached that you place on the crown of your head — have become a celeb secret weapon. Better than clips-ons and much more comfortable this is a new way to add length to your hair!

Halo hair extensions are made with human hair attached to a barely visible transparent wire. Unique to the hair extensions on a wire selected by oh dear dolly is Halo’s adjustable transparent wire – this enables you to have a fit that is just right for your own head.

The hair used is 100% Indian remy human hair – this makes the extension less prone to tangling. Halo extensions are perfect if you require less density in your human hair extension weft.

Halo Hair Extensions Darkbrown

Placing the Halo
Place the Halo on your head so that it covers all of your hair, in a position where it feels secure.

Adjusting and Cutting the Halo Wire
Using the special mechanism, adjust the length of the wire so that it feels secure on your head.

Tie the wire once you are 100% happy with the fit.
After adjusting to get the right fit and tying, cut the wire and place the Halo on your head on top of all of your hair.

Can Heat Styling Appliances Be Used?
Yes but please treat them with the care and respect you would use with your own hair and always use a heat protector spray first.

How long will they last?
The average life expectancy of a Halo hair extension is 4 months but this will vary depending on how you look after it and how much you wear it. The more you look after the hair, the longer your Halo will last.

Am I able to sleep or swim with my Halo in?
We do not recommend that you sleep or swim with your Halo in. When you are not wearing it, store it carefully in its original box.

How do I wash my Halo?
Always remove your Halo before washing it. oh dear dolly recommend that you use a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. Do not apply undiluted shampoo or conditioner directly onto the hair. Wash carefully using warm water and a small quantity of diluted shampoo keeping the hair as straight as possible and never allowing it to become matted or tangled. Towel dry gently by patting but do not rub the hair. Comb with a wide tooth comb and allow to dry naturally. Halo is not a clip-on but is a temporary way to add length and volume to your hair.

Halo extensions don’t clip on but they are much easier and should transform your look, making you feel special and drawing admiring glances! We have ethically sourced the finest quality hair – 100% Indian Remy Human hair so that when you are wearing Halo Hair Extensions you know you are wearing the best!